Update: Disney Dan & Bricks To Life

It’s been a wild and amazing ride being involved in the Disney Infinity community but unfortunately any real news for the game is mostly finished. But that doesn’t mean that Dan & Greg are in any way done with providing you fun news, wallpapers, deals, guides and more! If you’re

Disney Infinity Cancelled Figure Wallpaper Gallery

We’re back with one final mega gallery of amazing mobile wallpapers! This time we are featuring some of the recently revealed featured characters thanks to the amazingly talented Youtuber Infiniteer Adventures! From some of the cancelled Marvel figures like Doctor Strange to the amazing line up of premium figures, we’ve

Disney Infinity’s Final Content Patch Is Live!

The latest patch has been released for Disney Infinity 3.0 with new updates primarily supporting the Finding Dory Playset. Check out the full list of updates below! We’ve seen a few changes to the Hall of Heroes, specifically the addition of the last five pedestals Infinity will ever see. No gameplay

Deadpool Custom Figure Comes To Life!

Hector Moran’s amazing Deadpool concept art has taken a big leap from page to real life! The artist has commissioned a high quality 3-D print off the original digital design and it’s now an actual figure! The original Deadpool concept art was originally shared by Hector Moran earlier this year

Disney Infinity Cancellation FAQ

It was announced last week that Disney Infinity was cancelled with Disney getting out of console gaming entirely. This was huge news to the community and many questions were raised about what was going to happen next. We’ve put together a quick recap of most of the questions we’ve seen

Disney Infinity Cancelled – What Went Wrong?

It’s been a sad week for the community that surrounds Disney Infinity. As a reaction to Disney Interactive’s poor sales numbers and Q2 earnings report, the decision was made to drop the axe on all Disney console gaming, including the entire Avalanche Studios and Disney Infinity as a whole. Infinity

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