DI Deals: Jan 22-28

Deals this week are pretty similar to recent weeks; notably, TRU’s offering Buy One, Get Two on almost everything (except Starters) to clear out their Disney Infinity stock, a deal they’ve offered twice in the past month. Because of this, posted below will be a lightly edited roundup from the

DI Deals: Jan 15-21

Not a lot of action in Disney Infinity this week if you’ve been keeping score for a while. Toys R Us is running Buy One, Get One free on all Toys to Life figures and accessories. For Disney Infinity, this deal works for seemingly everything except Starters/Saga Bundles/CEs. Unfortunately, all

DI Deals: Jan 8-14

Toys R Us is running another Buy One, Get Two on almost everything sale (Starter Packs are excluded). We did a detailed breakdown of where this is and isn’t a good deal when they ran it a couple weeks ago, so in a blatant copy/paste: All of these deals only

DI Deals: Jan 1-7

Toys R Us is still trying to do everything they can to move Disney Infinity products. If you didn’t take advantage of their buy one, get two free deals last week, this week, they’ve got pretty similar pricing on most things, but without the buy-one-get-one gimmick. All figures are $3.99

DI Deals: Dec 25-31

Happy holidays to all! To start the post-Christmas deal season, TRU’s got Buy One, Get Two Free on seemingly everything except Starter Packs: Buy One Get Two Free on Play Sets (including Finding Dory and Marvel Battlegrounds, which are both in stock!), Buy One Get Two Free on Figures (including Nemo, which is

DI Deals: Dec 18-24

It’s the last week before the big day! First, and probably most significantly, Toys R Us is offering Finding Dory and the Marvel Battlegrounds Play Sets for $11.99. This is the cheapest we’ve seen them since those sets launched, and TRU’s probably looking to clear stock. Expect them to be

DI Deals: Dec 11-17

Well, Toys R Us is finally offering a gimmick that’s worthwhile: Buy One, Get Three free on regularly priced Disney Infinity figures. At their standard price of $15.99 at TRU, that’s a little under $4 per figure, which finally brings it under the $4.96 price point that has become standard

DI Deals: Dec 4-10

Given that we’re now at the point where $5 figures, $12 play sets, and $15 starters are the norm (and have been for months) for future deals posts, we’re only looking for the deals which can beat these price points. That’s not to say we’re going to stop keeping track of

DI Deals: Nov 27-Dec 3

TRU and Best Buy are both on the path to get rid of Disney Infinity product this week, with Best Buy having figures as low as 49 cents (for poor Zeb Orrelios) and TRU having $3.99 figures across the board. Best Buy’s stepped up with the best power disc deals

DI Deals: Nov 20-26

Most vendors seem to be ignoring (or at least not calling out specifically) Disney Infinity in their Black Friday deals, so there’s not enough info out there for its whole own post. For that reason, Black Friday details will be interspersed in this post. If we hear from you guys

DI Deals: Nov 13-19

If you haven’t found the deals you’re looking for on Disney Infinity products yet, simply put, come back next week. Nothing is cheaper this week than it was last week, and Walmart’s $4.96 deals seems to have been stepped up to a $5.99 deal for many figures. The pricing logic

DI Deals: Nov 6-12

This week, Toys R Us has all figures down to $4.99, essentially matching Walmart’s $4.96 deal from the past few months. It’s not a particularly new deal on most fronts, but it does apply to Crystal figures, and a number of figures which Walmart no longer has in stock. Currently, you

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