DI Deals: Mar 29-Apr 4

This week, we’re trying something new with a weekly giveaway. For the first week, to celebrate the release of the Falcon/Captain Marvel power disc pack, which we’ve got a writeup for now, we’re doing a giveaway of the Marvel rare power disc pack. This week’s giveaway is now closed.  Check

DI Deals: Mar 22-28

We’ve got $10 figures again at Amazon, Best Buy, Wal-Mart, and Sam’s, furthering reinforcing that as the new standard price point for those locations (it’s been almost two months now–I’m going to have to start going back and checking just to know how long it’s been). This is great news

DI Deals: Mar 15-21

This week, Kmart joins the deals post, and I’ve added used/pre-owned figure deals from Gamestop. Although the prices on some of the preowned figures aren’t competitive at all, some of them are literally the only way to get that figure without resorting to eBay anymore. Since the figures are used,

DI Deals: Mar 8-14

There’s some substantial changes in the deals post this week. I’ve added 1.0 deals for all vendors, per your request. I’ve alphabetized the vendor listings to hopefully make it easier to navigate (especially since there’s so much more this week), as well as added a table of contents with links

DI Deals: Mar 1-7

Another week, another round of deals. This week, we’ve got $10 figures again for the fourth week in a row at Wal-Mart and Amazon. Best Buy and TRU have both stepped back on $10 figures this week, but Best Buy is continuing to offer the best deals around on 1.0 power

DI Deals: Feb 22-28

Well, I’m not sure what we did to deserve it, but $10 figures are running for the third week in a row at Wal-Mart and Amazon. Best Buy, after stopping the deal last week, has decided to pick it up again and join in on the fun. Toys R Us

DI Deals: Feb 15-21

There’s a pretty good assortment of deals this week, both on figures and software. You can find a discount on everything but 2.0 power discs somewhere, and Best Buy at least has deals on 1.0 discs. However, Best Buy no longer has $10 figures, while Wal-Mart and Amazon are currently

DI Deals: Feb 8-14

Following up last week’s great deals on starter packs, this week, we’re seeing some pretty good deals on figures. Many locations have $10 on all or most figures, and many are still running big discounts on 1.0 starter packs and 2.0 playsets, but unfortunately, the toy box starters and 2.0

DI Deals: Feb 1-7

It’s a huge week for deals in Disney Infinity. Firstly, we had the release (finally!) of Jasmine. Stay tuned for a new post to celebrate that. In addition, the deals are incredible this week, with deals on 1.0 and 2.0 starter packs for all platforms, as well as deals on

DI Deals: Jan 25-31

For this week’s DI Deals post, I’m going with the bullet view for easier viewing and easier future update formatting. Without further ado, here’s the deals! Best Buy 50% off 1.0 power discs $20 off 2.0 starters $23-27 off 1.0 starters $7 off PS4 Toy Box Starter Pack Wal-Mart $1

DI Deals: Jan 18-24

It’s that time again, for this week’s Disney Infinity deals. All stores are running their various discounts on 1.0 figures and playsets, but we’ve got quite a host of other deals to explore this week! Best Buy (rather inexplicably) has $1 off the 2.0 figures Venom and Captain America only. They

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