Will Ant-Man Go Giant-Man in Disney Infinity 3.0?

Rumors have been circulating from the announcement of Ant-Man’s appearance in the new Captain America: Civil War film that the bite sized hero might be undergoing some BIG changes. And after the first episode of Disney Infinity NEXT and the live Twitch stream Q&A, our suspicions of Giant-Man making an appearance have

Disney Infinity NEXT Twitch Live Stream Recap

After today’s first Disney Infinity NEXT, JV and Allison took to Twitch to answer our questions live and also to show off some snazzy gameplay for the newly-announced characters. Below is the full stream, but keep reading for a recap of everything addressed. Watch live video from Disney on

Who’s Coming To Marvel Battlegrounds Next?

With the release of Marvel Battlegrounds just around the corner, and the big Disney Infinity NEXT announcement on the first of March, our anticipation is growing for what exciting new things we are going to learn about the otherwise mysterious playset. We’ve all seen the leaked characters which have dropped

Marvel Battlegrounds Price Dropped To $19.99!

It started with Best Buy earlier this week, but now almost all the major retailers have dropped their price for Marvel Battlegrounds from $29.99 to $19.99! Some retailers are still listing the $29.99 Retail with a $10 discount, while others have changed the suggested retail down to $19.99 with no

Disney Infinity Marvel 2.0 & 3.0 Best Deals!

Now that Marvel Battlegrounds has started officially showing up at several of our regular vendors, we decided to do a mini-deals post for you guys, focused specifically on Marvel content. While the new preorders are all coasting at the same price at the vendors who have them ($29.99 for the

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