Disney Infinity 3.0

DI Deals: Jun 26-Jul 2

Thanks to Murph17 on Reddit for noticing big deals across the board on Disney Infinity items at the Microsoft Store. All 3.0 power disc packs except for Marvel Battlegrounds are $4.99 and the Xbox One 3.0 starter is $32.49, the lowest price we’ve seen it (though a report from another reddit, Chaseriley84,

DI Deals: Jun 19-25

Not a lot to get excited about in the realm of Disney Infinity deals this week, which is a shame, considering Friday saw the release of the final play set for the game. Hopefully in future weeks, we’ll see better clearance prices. Most of the deals are just repeated from

DI Deals: Jun 12-19

Toys R Us is running a 2 for $20 deal on all toys-to-life single figures this week. As far as 3.0 figures, you can get a better deal on a few of them through some other sources. Baloo is $7.59, Boba Fett and Vision are $8.99, and Kylo Ren Light FX

DI Deals: Jun 5-11

Once again, vendors are being stingy with online prices, when you can actually find much better deals in-store. There’s still a few interesting deals online, though. Unfortunately, TRU’s $10 off Finding Dory Play Sets deal sold out in less than a week. Your best bet on these play sets is now through

DI Deals: May 29-June 4

It seems that your best deals will be coming from brick and mortar stores this week. Despite rock bottom prices that people are reporting at their local stores (mostly Walmart), vendors don’t seem eager to follow to these prices with their online catalogs. That said, there’s still a new noteworthy

DI Deals: May 22-28

The final wave of new preorders joins the deals post this week! Best Buy and Target are leading the charge, being the only two vendors currently offering preorders on Nemo (BB/Target) and Finding Dory play sets (BB/Target). Alice, Mad Hatter, and Time also join the deals this week from vendors which

Disney Infinity’s Final Content Patch Is Live!

The latest patch has been released for Disney Infinity 3.0 with new updates primarily supporting the Finding Dory Playset. Check out the full list of updates below! We’ve seen a few changes to the Hall of Heroes, specifically the addition of the last five pedestals Infinity will ever see. No gameplay

First Look: Finding Dory Play Set Piece

We’ve been eagerly awaiting details about the final play set piece for Disney Infinity 3.0, and today, via Amazon UK, we finally have a glimpse at what the Finding Dory Play Set packaging looks like. This confirms that Finding Dory, like the Marvel Battlegrounds Play Set, is set to be a

Disney Infinity Cancellation FAQ

It was announced last week that Disney Infinity was cancelled with Disney getting out of console gaming entirely. This was huge news to the community and many questions were raised about what was going to happen next. We’ve put together a quick recap of most of the questions we’ve seen

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