Disney Infinity 3.0

Game Informer 3.0 Article

The June 2015 Game Informer 3.0 Article is available to digital subscribers now and its full of information and teasers for the upcoming Star Wars & 3.0 Infinity Game. We learn a few things about the upcoming Twilight of the Republic Playset and what sorts of adventures you get to

3.0 Star Wars Playsets & Characters

The latest episode of the Toy Box TV dropped a preview of the packaging for the two new Star Wars playsets! John & Allison shared all kinds of new information about 3.0, including teasers on the new Toy Box types, what to expect with future Marvel and Disney Original playsets,

Disney Infinity 3.0 Figure & Release Gallery

GameInformer magazine featured an exclusive reveal of the new Disney Infinity 3.0, marking a month long slow roll out of exclusive content and news. The first big news is the trailer for 3.0 featuring interviews with the Disney Interactive team as they share their excitement about the new project. Here

New Disney Infinity 3.0 Leak

  A new leak came today with another foreign retailer adding 3.0 content to their online store. Disney Interactive is already requesting no information to be shared and we will respect that request and not post any information about the new set. It certainly is a shame that the information

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