Star Wars 3.0

Boba Fett Gets A Feb 5th Release Date In UK

UK Retailers are already sending out tweets and updates to all the Disney Infinity Fans out in the world letting them know that Boba Fett will be available in little under a month! He is retailing for the regular price of – £14.99 Pre Order him now at: #BobaFett has

The Force Awakens Playset Concept Art Gallery

Disney Infinity is really great at giving it’s players a peek behind the curtain and into the world of development and design with it’s concept art galleries. The Force Awakens Playset continues this tradition with 30 new pieces of art that highlight everything from the expansive crashed Star Destroyer of

The Force Awakens Playset Toy Box Unlockables

When you complete certain missions, tasks, challenges, or feats inside a Playset in Disney Infinity, you can unlock assets from the Playset to be used inside the Toy Box.Unfortunately, because of longer load times and some glitches, some of the toys when unlocked can be hidden by a load screen

The Force Awakens Mynock Guide is Now Posted!

Whether you’ve been feverishly tracking down those little winged wall-suckers since Christmas yesterday, or had a few evading your capture since the 18th, rejoice, fellow mynock hunters! Disney Infinity Codes The Force Awakens mynock guide has arrived. You can check out all the videos in the Youtube playlist here, but

The Force Awakens Holocron Locations Guide

Holocrons are hidden throughout every Disney Infinity Star Wars Playset and allow you to unlock some beautiful and amazing pieces of concept art. In Star Wars lore, Holocrons help to preserve the history of the Jedi by acting like a force powered USB drive. Here are the break down of

The Force Awakens Hologame Locations Guide

Disney Infinity 3.0’s The Force Awakens Playset introduced a new fun mini game: The Hologame. The small game table is found in all the main playset area hubs (Example: Inside Unkar’s Shop) and as you collect additional coins it will unlock more game modes. The game is a top down

Kylo Ren Light FX Figure Coming Soon?

Now that The Force Awakens Playset has been officially unlocked inside Disney Infinity 3.0, eager players have started pouring in and investigating all the new content. The Hall of Galactic Heroes received a bit of an upgrade, which we will do a write up on early next week. Of the

The Force Awakens Release Day Deals

In anticipation of the release of the Force Awakens play set in a few hours (and I think some movie is coming out, too), we’ve decided to do a midweek mini-deals post to highlight where you can get the best deals on the new content.   The Force Awakens Power Discs:

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