Star Wars 3.0

First Look: Power Disc Wallet

The Disney Infinity 3.0 Power Disc Wallet has begun appearing on shelves in major retailers. This is one of the few already leaked / announced Infinity 3.0 accessories coming soon, including Display Globes and Figure Cases. The Wallet has been available for preorder on Amazon, retailing at $11.99 but we

Force Awakens Figures Leaked

The long wait has finally ended for folks looking to see what the new Star Wars Force Awakens film will bring to the Infinity line up. Appearing on all the major retailers sites today are four figures and a power disc pack all taken from the new Star Wars film.

Disney Infinity 3.0 Hall of Galactic Heroes

With each release of Disney Infinity, the Hall of Heroes and it’s many counterparts continue to grow and evolve, with new areas or expansions / repurposing of existing areas. In the Disney Infinity games, the Hall of Galactic Heroes is the place where Star Wars characters will collect, along with any

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