Custom Figures

Ahsoka Tano Light FX Custom Figure

The Light FX figures brought a new level of awesomeness to Disney Infinity figures. Glowing lightsabers on figures was an incredibly smart move with variant figures, adding an extra bit of magic instead of just a different paint job. Disney Infinity’s community is filled with really talented people including artists who like

Disney Infinity Custom Figures Gallery – Part 6

Time again for another installment of our Disney Infinity Custom Figure gallery! We have a great assortment this time around including some of our favorite returning artists such as @Ganda_Kris, @Craigbarnes88 & @Customs_by_oc The amount of imagination and creativity behind the art of all these figures never ceases to amaze

Disney Infinity Custom Figures Part 5

After a good bit of digging across Twitter, Instagram and Facebook we’ve founded another great set of custom Disney Infinity figures to share with you! The latest release of Wave 3 for 3.0 brought us some new figures and it didn’t take long for artists to start customizing and making them

Disney Infinity Custom Figures Part 2

The Toys-To-Life gaming market is expanding constantly with new figures appearing on the shelfs in stores all the time. Some of the more artistic and creative players have decided to mix their crafty artistic side with their love of Disney Infinity and what they have created is nothing short of

Disney Infinity Custom Figures Part 1

The Disney Infinity community is filled with some incredibly talented people. Recently I stumbled upon a fancy repainted Infinity character during a random Google search and after poking around a bit more I began to find more and more gorgeously painted and detailed re-imaginings of the already iconic characters featured in

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