The Good Dinosaur Power Disc Pack Gameplay

The Good Dinosaur Power Disc Pack brings Disney Infinity 3.0 two things that we were previously missing in an already awesome game. 1. Dinosaurs 2. DINOSAURS! We were hesitant when we heard that the power disc pack for Pixar’s new movie was just a four pack of mounts, but the

The Good Dinosaur Power Disc Unboxing

The Good Dinosaur Power Discs have sprung up at a few retailers and while searching for some Power Disc Wallets, we were lucky enough to stumble on this hanging on the shelf. We’ve already seen some images of Arlo in action, including the official announcement of Spot (featured image above),

Disney Infinity 3.0 Sidekick Unlock Guide

Sidekick’s are one of our favorite things that has come out of Disney Infinity 3.0. They’ve gone from slightly helpful companions to indispensable allies. There are several different ways to unlock Sidekicks inside Disney Infinity 3.0, and each Sidekick has a dedicated location which they can be unlocked. While some are

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