3.0 Disney Infinity Leaked?

Today brought some exciting and interesting news with the leak of some alleged 3.0 Infinity figures. The images were spotted on an online Chinese retailer and circulated around the web very quickly. With respect to Disney Interactive we won’t be reposting the images here, they’ve requested they be taken down

Lion King Power Discs Guide

        Click the power discs to visit our Lion King Power Discs Guide.         Take a trip down memory lane and bring the African Savannah to life in your next toy box creation. This power disc pair features some great visuals, iconic music, and some

Alice In Wonderland Power Disc Guide

  Our first power disc review was a great success so we decided to start making it reoccurring thing on the site. The Alice In Wonderland animated classic is one of the most iconic Disney classics. From the unique and colorful landscapes to the odd and manic characters this film

Jasmine released!

Today, the long-awaited Jasmine figure was finally released to store shelves. You can check out Disney’s page on the figure here, as well as get some gameplay footage of her in the video here. Jasmine is likely to be the last Disney Original figure released before 3.0 edition is (widely speculated

Ronan, Yondu, and Green Goblin release at last!

If you weren’t one of the lucky ones to snag the new figures (Yondu, Ronan, and Green Goblin) when they were on store shelves early, the wait is over! Today, those new figures launched officially. Months ago, Disney released a trailer for the new bunch, and just last week, they released specialized trailers

First Disney Infinity 2.0 Patch Update Released

The first software update for Disney Infinity 2.0 came out a coupe days ago.  Nothing major, but it’s good to know that the DI admins are on top of any small issues that have come up so far.  Here’s what you need to know about the patch. Improved general load

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