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DI Deals: Sep 25-Oct 1

It looks like Toys R Us has finally decided they’ve had enough with Disney Infinity. I don’t see their Buy One, Get Two Free listed online, but that may just be because practically everything is discounted. All 3.0 figures are $7.49, which is the best deal on many of them (though

Update: Disney Dan & Bricks To Life

It’s been a wild and amazing ride being involved in the Disney Infinity community but unfortunately any real news for the game is mostly finished. But that doesn’t mean that Dan & Greg are in any way done with providing you fun news, wallpapers, deals, guides and more! If you’re

DI Deals: Sep 18-24

Toys R Us is still running its Buy One, Get Two free on Disney Infinity figures for the third week in a row, indicating they’re really trying to clear out the over-abundant Disney Infinity stock. While this deal continues to apply only to the Alice figures online (because it’s restricted to

DI Deals: Sep 11-17

After last week’s ludicrous pricing of $15 Saga Bundles and $15 2.0 CEs at Gamestop, it’s a little bit difficult to impress with this week’s deals. It’s mostly a continuation of the deals we’ve been seeing so far: Walmart has 3.0 figures down to $5, play sets just under $12,

DI Deals: Sep 4-10

3.0 items are still priced to move at Walmart, where you can get all figures for $4.96, all play sets for $11.88, and all starters for $19.88, depending on the availability at your Walmart. Gamestop actually has a better deal on 3.0 starter packs this week, which are priced at

DI Deals: Aug 21-27

For the third week in a row, the deals are dominated by Walmart’s online offers, specifically 3.0 figures down to $4.96 (also applies to many 1.0 and 2.0 figures), play sets down to $11.88, and starters down to $19.88. While other vendors have offered competing deals in recent weeks, this week

DI Deals: Aug 14-20

If you’ve seen any of the recent deals posts, there’s not a lot new to report this week. Walmart is still sweeping most best deals slots, with big discounts on 3.0 items, figures down to $4.96, play sets down to $11.88, and starters down to $19.88. Be advised that many

DI Deals: Aug 7-13

Thrilling many vendors, we’re sure, 2.0 and 3.0 figures are finally going out of stock at many locations. Most of Best Buy’s stock is gone, and Walmart’s low prices in recent weeks have also resulted in clearing shelves. Reflecting the dwindling stock of in-store inventory, we’re seeing a shift of more previously

Disney Infinity Cancelled Figure Wallpaper Gallery

We’re back with one final mega gallery of amazing mobile wallpapers! This time we are featuring some of the recently revealed featured characters thanks to the amazingly talented Youtuber Infiniteer Adventures! From some of the cancelled Marvel figures like Doctor Strange to the amazing line up of premium figures, we’ve

DI Deals: Jul 31-Aug 6

Gamestop still has its deals from last week on 3.0 figures, but this week Walmart has matched it (and “beaten” it by 3 cents on many options). We talked about these Walmart prices with in-store photos last week, but this week you can get the big deals online, including 3.0 play

DI Deals: Jul 24-30

The season of DI sales has truly begun, as vendors look to start clearing their shelves of pegwarming stock for the vanquished franchise. We would be remiss if we didn’t note (despite some incredible online deals, presented below) that you may yet find even better deals looking in-store at this

DI Deals: Jul 17-23

Deals come late this week, but the delay has allowed time for TRU to break out a number of deals that weren’t available on Sunday. You can get 3.0 starters for $38.99, 3.0 figures for $8.39 to $8.99, all 1.0 and 2.0 figures (including crystal variants) for $7.49, 2.0 starters

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