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DI Deals: Feb 21-27

In terms of base pricing, this is one of the weakest weeks of deals in a long time. But first, I’d be remiss if I didn’t thank the members of the r/Disney_Infinity subreddit for picking up on a host of deals earlier this morning. WV_Matsui noticed that Spot is $7.99

DI Deals: Feb 7-13

Big deals all around this week from basically all vendors. To start, 3.0 power disc packs are on sale at Gamestop ($4.99), Toys R Us ($5.49 for all except ToTR), and at Target through Cartwheel (50% off), but the best deal comes from Best Buy, where all packs are $3.99.

DI Deals: Nov 8-14

DI Deals comes a bit late this week, but you guys did a good job keeping track of deals for me! Hopefully you got a chance at Best Buy’s $8 off sale yesterday, as it’s now gone. You can still get buy two, get one free at Target (thanks, TPappas1991!),

DI Deals: Aug 30-Sept-5

As you’re surely already aware, Disney Infinity 3.0 released today! While there’s still some deals on 1.0 and 2.0, I know the big deals you guys are looking for right now are for 3.0, so I’ll focus on that first. Firstly, a big thanks to Jason at Infinity Inquirer, who

Spider-Man Character Guide

Spider-Man Character Guide   Table of Contents Basic Attacks Defense Skill Tree Basic Combos Advanced Techniques   Your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man is a force to be reckoned with. Spidey’s melee attack sequence is second to none, he has a stunlock through his ranged web shot, and he’s rife with passive

Hulk Character Guide

  Table of Contents Basic Attacks Defense Skill Tree Basic Combos Advanced Techniques   The Green Machine is an unstoppable force, but with great power comes slow melee attack speeds. Hulk compensates for his slow hits with quick movement and large hitboxes. Maximum walk speed is unlocked by default, and Hulk’s ranged

Elsa Character Guide

  Table of Contents Basic Attacks Defense Skill Tree Basic Combos Advanced Techniques   Disney’s signature snow queen isn’t flashy, but she’s got some tools. While she lacks passive abilities like Maximum Strength or Super Jump and has no special attack, with the Freeze Over upgrade, she can heal over

Spark Farm Guide

Spark Farm Guide   Table of Contents Glossary of Terms Basic Enemy Loop (BEL) BEL + Kill Switch Enclosed, Elevated BEL + Kill Switch + Trigger Area How do you know how much your farm can generate? Advanced Tips Putting It All Together   The purpose of this guide is

DI Deals: May 31-June 6

The stock of Disney Infinity 1.0 items continues to decrease in the wild, which is good for retailers, but sad for consumers. Last week Best Buy’s series 1 and series 3 power discs went out of stock. This week, series 2 are out of stock (but you can still get

DI Deals: May 10-16

It’s all about Target again this week. Following up their amazing deals two weeks ago, with $29.99 on starters for all platforms, this week, Target has PS4 2.0 starters for $24.49 and Xbox 360 2.0 starters for $22.99, as well as the Aladdin/Jasmine toy box pack for $14.99, the only

DI Deals: May 3-9

Update: I’ve added Disney Infinity 3.0 preorder details to the top of this week’s deals to make them easier to find. Hope you guys find it useful! Also, thanks go out to iheartinfinity and fabergekeg on reddit for making them nice and easy to find. Give iheartinfinity’s preorder page some

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