DI Deals: Mar 12-18

Prices are essentially unchanged since last week. If you didn’t buy last week, you’re not buying this week, either. The only possibly noteworthy addition is Amazon offering the Avengers Play Set for $6.99, but that probably won’t set the world on fire. Here’s a copypasta of our suggestions from last

DI Deals: Mar 5-11

We’re once again at the shoulder-shrugging point as to pricing of Disney Infinity products; there’s been no major price moves this week, so if you’ve been checking back every week, you’ll find nothing new this time around. So, what follows is a recap of the popular deals many of us

DI Deals: Feb 26-Mar 4

The deals are pretty uninspiring this week. No new BOGOs or coupons at our gimmick kings, Toys R Us or Target/Cartwheel. Outside of the prices we’ve been used to for months now, no major sales at Amazon or Walmart.  Even Meijer’s skimping on the deals this week, with all its figure stock

DI Deals: Feb 19-25

Toys R Us again has Buy 1, Get 2 Free on basically all products. Curiously, they’ve also got almost all products steeply discounted. The BOGO text implies that you can only get the deal on regularly priced items, but appears as an applicable deal on all of the discounted items,

DI Deals: Feb 12-18

Toys R Us has buy one, get two free on almost everything (excludes starters) again, but this time, it’s available online. This is a pretty good deal on most figures, save for the ones which are available under $3 at Walmart and Meijer (bolded below). Walmart has Tomorrowland Power Disc

DI Deals: Feb 5-11

Not a lot to report with Disney Infinity deals this week, unfortunately. Some major price drops we saw last week at Gamestop and Walmart have been scaled back a bit; now the cheapest you’ll find 3.0 figures from the usual vendors is $3.99, and it’s for the Alice figures, which

DI Deals: Jan 29-Feb 4

Toys R Us is continuing to try to get rid of their Disney Infinity stock. This week they have all figures down to $3.99, base pricing, no gimmicks. While that’s not an amazing deal on some figures, it is on others, so we’ve gone ahead and bolded all the $3.99

DI Deals: Jan 22-28

Deals this week are pretty similar to recent weeks; notably, TRU’s offering Buy One, Get Two on almost everything (except Starters) to clear out their Disney Infinity stock, a deal they’ve offered twice in the past month. Because of this, posted below will be a lightly edited roundup from the

DI Deals: Jan 15-21

Not a lot of action in Disney Infinity this week if you’ve been keeping score for a while. Toys R Us is running Buy One, Get One free on all Toys to Life figures and accessories. For Disney Infinity, this deal works for seemingly everything except Starters/Saga Bundles/CEs. Unfortunately, all

DI Deals: Jan 8-14

Toys R Us is running another Buy One, Get Two on almost everything sale (Starter Packs are excluded). We did a detailed breakdown of where this is and isn’t a good deal when they ran it a couple weeks ago, so in a blatant copy/paste: All of these deals only

DI Deals: Jan 1-7

Toys R Us is still trying to do everything they can to move Disney Infinity products. If you didn’t take advantage of their buy one, get two free deals last week, this week, they’ve got pretty similar pricing on most things, but without the buy-one-get-one gimmick. All figures are $3.99

DI Deals: Dec 25-31

Happy holidays to all! To start the post-Christmas deal season, TRU’s got Buy One, Get Two Free on seemingly everything except Starter Packs: Buy One Get Two Free on Play Sets (including Finding Dory and Marvel Battlegrounds, which are both in stock!), Buy One Get Two Free on Figures (including Nemo, which is

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