Behind The Scenes

Disney Infinity Bus 3.0

Disney theme parks have one of the best transportation set ups ever. You can ideally travel to Disney World in Orlando, never rent a car, and be able to see every inch of Disney Property easily with their constant rotation of buses connecting every park and every resort. These buses

Behind The Scenes: Zootopia Figure Design

Business Insider has just posted a great article detailing the long process of bringing a character to life in the form of a Disney Infinity figure. A great deal of care goes into making these characters come to life. A team of designers spend weeks pouring over every bit of

Light FX Figure Tear Down & Comparison

The Light FX figures have already become a universally loved new advancement in Disney Infinity’s never ending line up of better and greater things. With the addition of Light FX in the Star Wars line up, we anxious await new and cooler ways the glowing affect will be added to

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