New Marvel Figure Reveal Coming Soon!

Everyone’s favorite Marvel Creative Director Bill Rosemann shared a little tease about an upcoming Toy Box TV where he will appear and present a new Marvel figure! Check out his tweet below: Just filmed a #DisneyInfinity 3.0 @Marvel Battlegrounds video w/ @allisonpetrek! Our exclusive reveal? Stay tuned! — Bill

Scarlet Witch Figure Fan Art Is Magical

Anthony Expert returns to cast some magic over us with a gorgeous Scarlet Witch custom figure fan art design. While JV has heavily hinted that we may never see a Scarlet Witch figure in Infinity, this little bit of custom art makes us wish it could happen. A lot of

Marvel Battlegrounds Unlock Guide

Marvel Battlegrounds brings us a whole stack of new toys for the Toy Box, most of which you can earn just by playing all the multiple challenges after finishing the main story mode. A total 22 Toys can be unlocked by completing feats or challenges in Marvel Battlegrounds, with an

Marvel Battlegrounds Feats – Full List

Marvel Battlegrounds comes with a whole new set of feats tied into the story, challenges, and characters. You can only access the new feat list while physically controlling a character either in a story mode / challenge mode battle, or in the versus mode, you cannot access it from the

Marvel Battlegrounds Levels & Arenas

Marvel Battlegrounds offers up 8 awesome new arenas to do battle in. Each arena is a playground of destructive environments, traps, dangers, and weapons. As each arena is destroyed and torn apart, the worlds can evolve and change thrusting the characters into new levels. The 12 Levels advertised on the packaging

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