Toy Box 3.0

Behind The Scenes: Zootopia Figure Design

Business Insider has just posted a great article detailing the long process of bringing a character to life in the form of a Disney Infinity figure. A great deal of care goes into making these characters come to life. A team of designers spend weeks pouring over every bit of

The Force Awakens Playset Toy Box Unlockables

When you complete certain missions, tasks, challenges, or feats inside a Playset in Disney Infinity, you can unlock assets from the Playset to be used inside the Toy Box.Unfortunately, because of longer load times and some glitches, some of the toys when unlocked can be hidden by a load screen

Logic Gate Creativitoy Guide Posted!

I’ve been wanting to do a whole series on creativitoys for a while now. Occasionally, I’ll whip up a guide to help someone asking a question for help with a toy on the subreddit, which is how most of my existing video tutorials have come about so far. I’ve been wanting

Toy Box Speedway Available Now!

Toy Box Speedway is finally available! Join in on the amazing new cart racer addition to the already expansive world of Disney Infinity 3.0! Race with all your favorite characters in a huge selection of vehicles in nine incredibly detailed and entertaining worlds. The nine awesome race tracks include: Agrabah

First Look: Spot Special Ability & Skill Tree

Disney Infinity’s website has recently been updated to include Spot in the line up on the Disney Originals character page. While Spot’s page is missing the featured character video, it does provide a quick glimpse at his special attack and other skill tree upgrades. From touring his skill tree we get

Splash Mountain Log

We love the addition of all the great new Disney theme park attractions and vehicles inside Disney Infinity 3.0. The Infinity team has added large scale set pieces, textures, themes, and more to allow us to really explore and build a fun Disney park of our own. Of the new

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