Marvel Battlegrounds Unlock Guide

Marvel Battlegrounds brings us a whole stack of new toys for the Toy Box, most of which you can earn just by playing all the multiple challenges after finishing the main story mode. A total 22 Toys can be unlocked by completing feats or challenges in Marvel Battlegrounds, with an

Marvel Battlegrounds Feats – Full List

Marvel Battlegrounds comes with a whole new set of feats tied into the story, challenges, and characters. You can only access the new feat list while physically controlling a character either in a story mode / challenge mode battle, or in the versus mode, you cannot access it from the

The Force Awakens Playset Toy Box Unlockables

When you complete certain missions, tasks, challenges, or feats inside a Playset in Disney Infinity, you can unlock assets from the Playset to be used inside the Toy Box.Unfortunately, because of longer load times and some glitches, some of the toys when unlocked can be hidden by a load screen

The Force Awakens Mynock Guide is Now Posted!

Whether you’ve been feverishly tracking down those little winged wall-suckers since Christmas yesterday, or had a few evading your capture since the 18th, rejoice, fellow mynock hunters! Disney Infinity Codes The Force Awakens mynock guide has arrived. You can check out all the videos in the Youtube playlist here, but

The Force Awakens Holocron Locations Guide

Holocrons are hidden throughout every Disney Infinity Star Wars Playset and allow you to unlock some beautiful and amazing pieces of concept art. In Star Wars lore, Holocrons help to preserve the history of the Jedi by acting like a force powered USB drive. Here are the break down of

The Force Awakens Hologame Locations Guide

Disney Infinity 3.0’s The Force Awakens Playset introduced a new fun mini game: The Hologame. The small game table is found in all the main playset area hubs (Example: Inside Unkar’s Shop) and as you collect additional coins it will unlock more game modes. The game is a top down

The Force Awakens Champion Coin Locations

Visit our other The Force Awakens Playset Collectible¬†Guides: The Force Awakens Playset Mynock Locations The Force Awakens Playset Holocron Locations The Force Awakens Playset Hologame Locations The Force Awakens Toy Box Unlock Guide The Force Awakens Champion Coin Locations Disney Infinity 3.0’s Star Wars playsets feature a new and unique

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