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The Good Dinosaur Power Disc Pack Gameplay

The Good Dinosaur Power Disc Pack brings Disney Infinity 3.0 two things that we were previously missing in an already awesome game. 1. Dinosaurs 2. DINOSAURS! We were hesitant when we heard that the power disc pack for Pixar’s new movie was just a four pack of mounts, but the

The Good Dinosaur Power Disc Unboxing

The Good Dinosaur Power Discs have sprung up at a few retailers and while searching for some Power Disc Wallets, we were lucky enough to stumble on this hanging on the shelf. We’ve already seen some images of Arlo in action, including the official announcement of Spot (featured image above),

First Look: Good Dinosaur & Zootopia Power Discs

The media copies of Disney Infinity 3.0 are heading out and videos of gameplay are appearing on youtube. The youtube channel FamilyGamerTV posted a video today highlighting the character collection inside Infinity 3.0, including the hexagonal and round power discs. We know from D23’s big announcement that we would be

Devil Dinosaur Power Disc Guide

This week’s Toy Box Challenge is Dinosaurs, so we thought we’d lend a hand to all you fantastic builders by putting together this Devil Dinosaur Power Disc Guide will all the prehistoric details you’ll need! Devil Dinosaur is one of the more obscure Marvel franchises, but he has his fans

2.0 Marvel Costume Change Power Discs

Disney Infinity 2.0 brought a new element to the red round abilities power discs. Previously in the 1.0 version, the round power discs were limited to enhancing a certain stat of any character you used them with. The stat bonuses would range from heath boosts, shields, extra experience and stronger

The Muppets Power Discs

Its time to play the music… It’s time to light the lights… Its time to play with the Muppets in your Toy Box tonight! The Muppet Power Discs are some of my favorite in all of Disney Infinity. They bring character and fun to the Toy Box unlike any of

The Horses of Disney Infinity – Power Disc Guide

Disney Infinity Codes continues to grow its Power Disc database with in game shots, disc details, and origins. Our latest addition to our database – Horses. Infini-hey is for Horses Sorry for the bad pun. Disney Infinity loves horses, like.. really really loves horses. Apart from the nine horse (or horse like) power

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