Disney Infinity Cancelled Figure Wallpaper Gallery

We’re back with one final mega gallery of amazing mobile wallpapers! This time we are featuring some of the recently revealed featured characters thanks to the amazingly talented Youtuber Infiniteer Adventures! From some of the cancelled Marvel figures like Doctor Strange to the amazing line up of premium figures, we’ve

April Fools Disney Infinity Wallpaper Gallery

April Fools Day is right around the corner and its time to introduce another one of our fun wallpaper galleries! Some of your favorite heroes and villains are disguised with everyone’s favorite silly wearable gag! Check out some of our other wallpaper galleries by clicking here! These wallpapers were designed to

Scarlet Witch Figure Fan Art Is Magical

Anthony Expert returns to cast some magic over us with a gorgeous Scarlet Witch custom figure fan art design. While JV has heavily hinted that we may never see a Scarlet Witch figure in Infinity, this little bit of custom art makes us wish it could happen. A lot of

Disney Infinity Valentines!

Valentines Day is almost upon us and it’s time for some silly Disney Infinity lovey cards! Feel free to print these out or share them online! Make your special someone feel INFINITE LOVE!      Let us know if you have any suggestions or ideas for other silly Valentines and we

Disney Infinity Wallpapers: Mardi Gras!

We’re back with another round of Holiday themed wallpapers for Disney Infinity! This batch is centered around a holiday filled with celebration and festivities: Mardi Gras! We know we are a little early with this gallery, seeing as Mardi Gras doesn’t kick off until Feb 9th, but with Valentines day

New Years Eve Disney Infinity Wallpapers

The New Year is almost here and with that, another round of Holiday Disney Infinity Wallpapers! This time we decided to see what would happen at a Star Wars Villain New Year’s Eve Party. Disclaimer, I am not the best at photoshop, but I have fun making these weird and

Holiday Disney Infinity Wallpapers

We’ve had tons of fun in the past putting together mobile wallpapers for you featuring your favorite characters from Disney Infinity 3.0. This time around we thought we’d have a little fun with some holiday flair. While I admit I am not the best at the photoshopping, I still had

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